Thursday, January 26, 2006

But I'm not wearing my pajamas

A school in the snow
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On an interview, and the head's administrative assistant says to me, "Almost didn't recognize you in that conservative suit. I thought you might show up in your pajamas."

"Ooops," thought I. "Once again, remember people actually read your blog."

Yup. Like the time the admiral asked me who'd been fired and did he need to intervene. Ah, so it goes.

Three interviews. Hopefully three invitations to return to campus, and a chance to continue the conversations.

I love interviewing, getting the chance to see schools, see what works, see some good ideas. Today, saw some excellent & enthusiastic teaching at a friendly school. When I asked a couple of administrators what made their school different from others, what set them apart from the competition, they said the school, the community, was "like family." I wonder how you can market that.

Does a school need something they can hang their hat on? I think so. I need to check the demographics, but what I've heard is that the pool of high school aged students is getting smaller, while, at the same time, the number of families that can actually afford boarding schools (at least at the full pay level) has dropped by some 75% to less than one percent of the families in America. A slippage from 4% to less than 1%: I figure some schools are going to either close their doors or become schools for non-native speakers of the English language.

And so it goes. Three interviews complete. A couple more hot prospects. And a good half-a-dozen on the hook.

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