Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm in a foreign land

Sunday afternoon. I've arrived in the Midwest for the first interview of the season. I drove down from the airport and arrived in town shortly after noon. After driving around a bit, I found the hotel where the school is putting me up. Small place; I think it's a bar with a couple of rooms over top. The bottom line: the room will not be ready until 3pm. So, I drove out to campus.

I'm currently sitting in the library, a room that looks like it's out of a some stereotypical English boarding school film. Actually, the whole campus -- at least what little I've seen -- does. But, then, don't many?

Yesterday I was in class -- Statistical Methods -- and we somehow got talking about how anxiety impacts performance. And the professor made a comment which struck me at the moment. He said that some stress, some anxiety, is actually helpful in creating high performance. Those of us that aren't stressed, well, we're not pushed.

I thought about my current job. I realized that, indeed, I'm no longer anxious about any aspect of my job. I can very easily do what I need to do; there's no stretching, there's no growth, there's no challenge.

I think this is what excites me about coming back into the independent school realm. Something new and challenging.

I'm particularly interested in the role of school counselor. The interview here is for the newly-created position of school counselor. One of the southern schools which I'm interested in is also creating a school counseling position.

These are not to be confused with college counseling or residential counselors; from what I gather, both of these schools want someone who will do personal counseling as well as develop and implement various development programs.

This excites me.

So, the library: Three students are here. One young man is asleep in an overstuffed chair, and two young ladies are working at a computer. They're writing a paper... for their class on the history of Japan.

Well, off to poke around.

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