Saturday, January 07, 2006

Interviews and getting lost

Today is the day for the January administration of the SSAT, the Secondary School Admission Test. Andrew, my eldest son, is taking the test as I write this. We're at Saint Catherine's in Richmond. We drove up yesterday afternoon; it was a leasurely drive with no traffic to speak of until we hit Richmond and I-95. Had dinner at Red, Hot, & Blue -- Andrew's choice. Great pulled pork in a Memphis-themed restaurant. Stayed the night at a Courtyard. We got to bed early & woke up on time; had a nice buffet breakfast at the hotel. And then... Got lost on the way here.

Urgh. I'd made everything as relaxing as possible, and then I'm driving like a bat-out-of-hell trying to find the school. And, of course, the faster I drove, I wasn't getting any closer, if you know what I mean. We got here on time, but...

As to some good news (gaining a little control of myself): I have two interviews scheduled for the next couple of weeks. One is with a school in the mid-West, and the other is with a school here in Commonwealth. Both are coed; both are Episcopal schools; one has less than 250 students and the other is 250-400; both have more boarding students than day students. I am very excited about the possibilities they both provide. One prospective job is as the school counselor; the other job is a traditional teaching faculty position. Both would likely involve residential life & coaching responsibilities.

I hope our little trip didn't throw Andrew off this morning and that he fares well on the test...

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