Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The phone calls keep coming

Cascades of ice 2
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Had several phone calls today with folks at three schools. One call with the dean of students at a small, New England school. They have a non-teaching, dorm master position open. We had a good talk, and I like what I hear about the school, but the job doesn't thrill me. I don't think I'd have enough variety to keep me satisfied.

Second call was with another small, New England school. This call was with an admissions rep; before I'd heard the call to return to an independent school faculty, Andrew & I were talking about boarding school for him. We'd sent off for information from a host of schools. Anyway, this school also sounded like a great place to be, both for faculty and for students. We shall see.

And the third call was with the head of a southern school. The head had been at a school in Virginia, and I suspect we have some common acquaintenances. That call was cut short as he had to go off to a meeting; we'll pick up tomorrow.

So, things roll around. So far, I'd say I have much more of a chance ending up in a cold climate than anywhere else.

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