Monday, January 30, 2006

Searching for a job vs. being called for a life

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Things have slowed down. I'm not sure what I would expect, but everything has come to a grinding halt. Three interviews and, suddenly, nothing.

I'm not searching for a job, but I am answering "a call." However, unless I get my name "out there" there will be no call at all. I've sent letters to 88 schools, with the last batch going out just this past weekend. It's just a lull, I'm sure, but I want answers.

Things which still need doing:

1. Notes to the folks I've met with over the past couple of weeks.

2. Follow-up with all the headmasters who have replied to my original inquiry.

3. Figure out a way to get the NAIS position postings delivered to my inbox or RSS reader so I don't have to log in to the site every day.

4. Continue networking.

5. Find a couple of other folks who are looking for appointments to independent school faculties and form a cohort or support group.

6. Write a "statement" about my philosophy of working with students, being in a residential community, and teaching.

And who said I didn't have much to do?

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