Monday, February 13, 2006

"Calling" or "profession"?

While surfing around, I came across a blog by a junior high school teacher. The post says, in part,
By thinking of teaching as a "calling" rather than a profession, we are more put into the ranks of nuns and missionaries, rather than highly trained professionals.
Needless to say, I don't quite agree. Perhaps I don't agree because I am focused on residential learning communities; I'm solely focused on landing in a college-prep, secondary, independent, boarding school. And, yes, being a faculty member in this type of school is like being a monk or a nun. And, I take issue with JHS Teacher that calling and profession are mutually exclusive. Tell that to the slew of Jesuits who are both... and to the many others who are professionals and yet called to do some particular work.

Perhaps, when the "job" is only 8 to 3, it's easy to see the role of teacher not as a calling. Try living the life 24x7 and not seeing it as a calling. You'll likely not last too long.

So, I know I'm called. But the journey to get there is not easy. What journey of worth is, right? Received today following one of my not-so-recent interviews: As we have gotten further into our planning for next year, we have changed course slightly... I want to scream out, "I still meet your needs, even your new needs! Me! Me! Look over here again."

Too desperate, don't you think? Perhaps I ought to take a subtler approach...

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