Friday, March 10, 2006

March arrives, and we march on

My daddy is great!
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This week, we had a little hiccup in the call to return to teaching: a twelve-hour stay in the emergency room and then a deep sleep for nearly 72 hours. Never fear, however, my cheering section is standing tall.

While I did have what I thought to be a good phone interview last week, the result was not overwheliming positive... well, at least on my side.
While you have so many strengths that make you a viable candidate, our pool of applicants...
That's okay, though. I'm reminded things always work out.

I think we all have horror stories from job searches. A couple of years ago, I applied for position as a supervisory consultant (my boss). I came home for lunch, changed into a suit, and headed back to the federal building only three blocks away. Half way there I stepped in dog, ah, feces. I'd cut things too short and didn't have time to return home for a proper cleaning, so I scraped the dung off as best I could and then scampered on.

Later, when I was sitting in the cramped office with the two commanders who were doing the interviewing, I could smell the stuff. So could they. "Sniff. Sniff."

I couldn't bring myself to tell them I'd stepped in dog sh*t on the way over.

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