Saturday, November 25, 2006

He left his common sense at home

I'm amazed at this story. Seems a middle school science teacher had students use the same lancet to prick their fingers to draw blood to examine under microscopes.
Nearly two dozen students at a middle school in Redwood City will have to undergo blood tests Tuesday for Hepatitis and the AIDS virus because of a science experiment that should never have taken place.

The health department is meeting with worried parents Monday night.

A substitute teacher let kids use the same needle to pierce their fingers to draw blood to look at it under a microscope. They should have swabbed their mouths instead.
Here's a reason for small, flexible schools. When I taught, we never had substitutes; if a teacher had to miss, we covered, either taking classes (classes which were not dissimilar from what we were already teaching) or doubling-up for something unique or providing a library/research assignment. We'd never have a substitute who could mess things up like this.

We were each capable of messing things up without help from the outside. ;-)

Yes, that was a feeble attempt at humor.

Noted one student: It looked strange. Shouldn't he at least clean it or something? Speak up, young lady, speak up. Perhaps we need to focus on critical thinking, common sense, and speaking-truth-to-power in our curricula...

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