Sunday, December 17, 2006

The holiday lull

Last year, I started my search for a boarding school job during the Christmas holidays. While this year I began my search much earlier in the year, getting the bulk of my introductory emails out the door during November, things have now slid to a halt. All is quiet. Frankly, all is too quiet.

While I've had some nibbles -- a long phone interview with a school here in Virginia; hopeful emails from a New England school that is likely going to be looking for a 1/2 time English, half-time history teacher; great conversations with former college classmates -- everything has stopped. Perhaps it is the Thanksgiving/Christmas doldrums. I can't imagine that any head of school would put much focus during these weeks on finding new faculty. Yes, making faculty choices is likely the most important thing a head can do. But, this is the time for holiday cheer and trimming the tree and feasts galore.

And, yet, I'm antsy. It doesn't matter that I know -- intellectually -- that this is a slow time; emotionally, I want to answer my call. Waiting... well, waiting is tough.

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