Monday, September 25, 2006

Still here... still looking...

Well, perhaps you could tell nothing panned out in the way of an offer last spring. It's all good; my current job is rolling along well, and I'm finishing up my coursework for the degree I'm working on; I go ABD this December and hope to finish everything in spring.

There's still a part of me that yearns to teach, to be in the classroom. With the start of the school year, it's particularly strong. So, I've been weeding through school data and have come up with the following short list to focus on:

Army and Navy Academy
Asheville School
Blue Ridge School
Bridgton Academy
Buxton School
Camden Military Academy
Cate School
CFS, The School at Church Farm
Christ School
Conserve School
Darrow School
Fishburne Military School
The Forman School
The Gow School
Grand River Academy
Holderness School
Howe Military School & Summer Camp
The Leelanau School
Massanutten Military Academy
Midland School
Millbrook School
New York Military Academy
Orme School
Proctor Academy
The Putney School
St. Andrew's School, DE
St. George's School
Saint James School
St. John's Northwestern Military Academy
St. Mark's School
Salisbury School
Squaw Valley Academy
Tallulah Falls School
Thacher School
Tilton School
Wayland Academy
Wentworth Military Academy & Jr. College
West Nottingham Academy
White Mountain School

I already know a couple of these are going to fall off, but this is my first cut. Perhaps you're wondering what the criteria was? I'm looking for a school that is small (fewer than 350 students) with a strong boarding program (more than 70% of the students are boarders). And, I'm not interested in being in school that has a focus on providing ESL.

Yes, I know; the schools on the list cover the spectrum. I'll take another round-turn in the next couple of weeks.