Sunday, February 25, 2007

I have a job interview coming up

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This past week, I scheduled a job interview with a school that has three or four positions for which I'm suited. There's a teaching position and a counseling position and two others. The plan is that I'll visit the campus and interview without any job specified; we're looking to see if there's a match, first. We'll let the job follow.

I've asked Andrew, my eldest son, to join me, if he'd like. Were I to get hired, and were I to accept the position, Andrew would, most likely, be a student at the school. I want him to see what the school is all about, and I am interested in his opinion of the school.

My bride has said I'm insane. While I told her that Andrew would have his own schedule as a prospective student, she seems to think that Andrew's presence would nix any hope I have of getting the job; why would I have my 15 year-old son along on a job interview? She noted that I'm "doing it again." By "doing it again" she means that I'm showing my full face, not just my good face.

Last year I had what I thought were some pretty good interviews, but no offers came my way. At one school, a boarding school, I arrived the day before (a Sunday) and wandered around campus for a couple of hours. I didn't walk the dorms, but I went to the library and the athletic center and the student center. I spoke to a few students; I tried to pick up on the vibes of the school. I went to chapel in the evening.

I'd told my contact at the school that I was going to wander around, and she encouraged it. When Jenny, my bride, heard, she declared that I'd bumbled the interview. Who walks (er, I think she used the word "lurks") about unescorted, just nosing about?

And then, I also have this habit of telling unvarnished truth. One time, at an interview years ago, I told the head of a school that I thought their recent sale of 200+ acres of woodland to a developer was likely not a good long term decision. Oh, I didn't get that job, either.

Anyway, the question at hand: What do you, gentle reader, think about my bringing Andrew along when I visit this school for a day-long interview. I'll be meeting with half-a-dozen faculty and administrators; Andrew would spend the day shadowing a student and sitting in on classes. Would a move like this put my candidacy in peril?

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