Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A search update

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It's plodding, I have to say. At this point last year, I'd had three on-campus interviews. This year, I haven't even had a telephone interview... not that there isn't some interest in my candidacy, but I feel as if I'm not off the starting blocks yet.

I have one all boys school interested in me for one of three jobs: a residential life job, a counseling job, and an English/history teaching job.

I thought I had a good start on an English/history job in New England, but I think I didn't make the initial cut.

I've applied for a few other posted jobs, including a dean of studies position. I fear that my wide-open search -- more concerned about the school and the place than the actual position, role, and responsibilities -- might be a detriment to any job other than a straight triple threat job (teaching, coaching, dormitory). I suspect that decision makers might have some apprehension since I'm not focused on a single type of job, such as a counselor or dean of students or dean of studies or division head. I have a burning desire to be in a boarding school as a contributing adult, and I have a wealth of talents to contribute; the job, really, doesn't matter.

Most jobs are like sailboats, anyway. Every sailboat is a series of compromises, but it's great to get underway. There's nothing like being out on the water with the sun beating down and the wind kicking up. The same is true with jobs: every job is a series of compromises, but it's great to be living in a community of learning.

Perhaps the next two weeks will bring my call closer.

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