Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Job interview -- First of the season

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I have an on-campus interview on Thursday. Tomorrow, I drive to the school, spend the night, and meet people all day on Thursday. At the end of it, I'll likely have been interviewed, formally, by 8 to 12 people, and have met with a dozen or two more.

This is bound to be an interesting day, as I'm not interviewing for a single job. The school has a number of openings, and I'm applying for 5 positions. Yes, I know i can only have one job... There's an English/ Social Studies Teacher - New Position position, an ESL teaching position, an admissions job, a job in residential life, and a college counselor job.

I think this is in keeping with my philosophy that it is the school that matters, not the job.

I can only imagine the types of questions I'll get... everything from literature to college admissions to residential living. Am I truly prepared? We'll know in less than 48 hours, I guess.

As to the photo with this post, I was amazed at all the pictures on flickr with a tag of "job interview." There are a slew of self-portraits with candidates showing off their attire. Perhaps I'll have to add my own.

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