Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another Parent/Teacher Conference Tale

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Another story from IB a Math Teacher:
Another math teacher had a kid at the end of the last quarter ask for a D- instead of his F because it was "so close". This particular teacher lets kids makeup exams in his Algebra 1 classes (something I won't do) but it was after the deadline. But he gives the kid three quizzes and tells him to go take them at home and bring them back in the morning. He figures that the kid was really close to a D-, so if he can teach himself something during the evening, then he can get a D-.

So the kid comes back the next day and gives the teacher the quizzes. One, (one!), is clearly not in his handwriting. The teacher points this out to the kid and he denies it. Time to call the mom, who is an assistant principal at another school.

Mom tells the teacher that her son is ADHD, and sometimes this causes his handwriting to be different from day to day! Wow! But she says that she'll come in after school to talk with the teacher about her son. Teacher is nervous....if a parent - who is a principal - is using ADHD as an excuse for her son's cheating, it isn't going to be a pretty meeting.

The meeting does happen, the parent looks at the quizzes, and immediately says so her son, "This isn't your paper. This meeting is over. Thank you, Mr. [Teacher] for your time" She then tells the kid to go out into the hallway for further scolding mentioning on the way that he'll be in school over the summer to make up the credit.
Oh, it had all the makings for an ugly session, didn't it? And, then, poof.

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