Friday, April 20, 2007

Just classic: Parent/Teacher Conference

parent teacher conferences
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When I taught, I had mixed feelings about Parent/Teacher conferences. We had conference days set aside just twice a year, and it really wasn't enough to ensure communication between the me and the parents. I think with the Web tools available today, two face to face conferences would likely be enough, so long as they are supplemented with other communications.

A good working relationship between parents and teachers is vital. Check out this post from IB a Math Teacher, a thirty-something mathematics teacher in Minnesota:
My Favorite Parent/Teacher Conference Story of the Night

English Teacher: Did you write [your son]'s English term paper for him?

Parent: Uh, no...why

English Teacher: Because your name is at the top.

The parent continued to deny it, and the teacher let it drop, but the teacher is absolutely convinced that the parent wrote the paper for her kid. What's more, it was poorly written. She thinks that the parent was really putting the skeleton of the paper together for her son, but the son never "filled in the blanks".
Er, I'm thinking they might need to work on that relationship "thing."

Thankfully, in a boarding school, that sort of exchange isn't so likely. But there are plenty of just-as-interesting possible conversations...

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IMC Guy said...

I wish the moms I saw at conferences looked like this one!