Friday, April 27, 2007

Like the prettiest girl at the ball

the girls
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I was included in last week's Carnival of Education 115 in the faculty lounge.
Peter Stinson is like the prettiest girl at the ball, simultaneously courting Saint Swithins-in-the-Berkshires and Saint Swithins-Along-the-Big-River and blogging all about it at Chronicle-of-a-Search-on-Blogger.
I don't know. At this point, I've got a huge wart on my nose, and the Saint Swithinses are avoiding me.

My wife says I'm too out there.

My colleague John says I'm destined.

My colleague Dr. Kathy thinks maybe schools think I'll leave as soon as my eldest sons are into college.

I'm transparent.

I am called.

My track record would indicate that I'll stay long past my welcome... ;-) Kidding. But I've never jumped from job to job; why start now?

Meanwhile, I guess I'll work on my being the prettiest girl at the ball and seeing how many suitors I can court at the same time.


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