Friday, April 27, 2007

Mixed Messages?

Do you think this is perhaps too mixed to send a straight message?

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The airwaves are silent; as I used to say while on radio watch listening for distress calls at Coast Guard Station Plum Island, "Nothing heard."

I was intriqued with a recent post from a New England School:
Challenges & Issues:
1. Hiring Philosophy: How do we balance commitment and expertise?
2. How can we better identify the skills we truly need in our organization?
3. We have a leadership curriculum for our students. We need one for our adults.
4. We must improve evaluation & assessment.
5. As we search for leaders, how can we best balance looking inside and outside of the School community?

New Ideas:

1. Leadership Production: Commit to 10 great leaders in 10 years
2. Expand training to include expertise from outside of the School community.
3. Have a more extensive interview procedure for internal candidates seeking new School positions.
4. Create a training team to identify critical skills at key positions.
5. Create an advisory board to mentor leaders.
I'm intrigued as this takes parts of strategic planning, which most organizations hide behind a veil of proprietary double-talk. I'm also intrigued as they are looking forward and creating a roadmap for success. These are their critical success factors.

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