Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nothing to update

Lecture Hall
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Here it is, better than half way through May, and I have nothing to report.

Last week, I applied for a dean of students position at a midwest school; today I received this in response:
Thank you for your interest in working for the School. Your application materials have been received and forwarded on to the hiring manager for the position to which you were applying. Due to the high volume of resumes that our organization receives, you may not receive a response if we choose not to interview you. You can assume that if you have not heard from us in one month's time that your application is no longer being considered. A full listing of our current job ads can be found on our website.
Oh, that's just cheery.

The flip side is that this school has, at least, set expectations. I have yet to hear anything from either Saint Swithins-Nestled-in-the-Appalachians or Saint Swithins-Along-the-Big-River. I'm feeling feeling the love.

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CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Today is 11 June. Any change in your "cheery" situation?