Monday, June 11, 2007

Any school still looking... might be challenged to find what they're looking for.

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I'm still available...

On Friday I saw a new posting from a school I hadn't yet had any contact with. I looked back at the stats for the school, and am wondering why I didn't send them a letter earlier. Whatever. The school is looking for a director of admissions. I went to their website and discovered they're also looking for a director of studies.

I'm thinking that's a double... and perhaps I can hit one home.

I sent my letter in this morning. By this afternoon, I'd heard back that they would consider my candidacy.

That's better news than the response I received from a letter to a different school: turns out they're looking for a football coach who can teach history.

Academics first?

My dear wife tells me that I shouldn't yet get excited, but I've already started planning out my questions for the interview and thoughts on my first six months in job.

Perhaps I'm jumping the gun here.

Anyway, I've been thinking about the possibility of the interview. Invariably, I don't have decent questions to ask at an interview. That's not going to be the case if this time I get called for an interview.

** What is the ideal number of students?
** What is the ideal mix of day students and boarding students?
** What sets the school apart from other schools, including other schools sponsored by the same religious denomination?
** What is the school's strategy or strategic initiatives? Goals? Objectives?
** What are the current strategies, etc., for the admissions office?

** What are the school's current and projected marketing initiatives?
** What of public affairs initiatives?

** What is the school's overall budget? What is the income breakdown (tuition, annual fund, endowment, business profits, other)
** Is the budget balanced? For how many years has the budget been balanced?
** How much is the school's endowment?

** What is the current admissions picture for this coming academic year?
** What is the projected count for the student body? How many of those will be returning students?

** What is the school's target for retention of students?
** Who is has programmatic oversight of retention?
** Who on the staff handles financial aid?
** What sort of financial aid is offered at the school? How much financial aid in grants is offered each year?
** How much are the grants each year? (high, low, mean, mode, median amounts)

** Is there a target or cap for non-native English speakers?
** What countries are represented in the student body?
** What is the school's ESL program?

** What associations does the school belong to? Which is the school active in?

** Has the school used Web 2.0 tools either in the classroom or for admissions or marketing?
** What results has the school seen with Web 2.0 tools?

** Is there a school leadership team? Who's a part of it?
** How are decisions made and business conducted within the school?

** Who makes admissions decisions?
** How much is the annual admissions office budget (less salaries)?
** What is the current admissions process?
** What is the usual travel for the admissions staff?
** What are the feeder schools, institutions, and neighborhoods?
** What is the profile of the "typical" student?

I'm certainly not lacking in questions... Now, if they'd just call for an interview.

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