Friday, June 29, 2007

A change in blogging strategy?

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First, let me share an email discussion with you:
Peter (me): Do the leaders of the schools you're applying to know you have a blog and, if yes, have they dropped by to visit

California Teacher Guy: Why do you ask about administrators visiting my blog? To my knowledge, no one knows about it--and I'd like to keep it that way!

Me: I asked because my blog is written in the clear, and I'm wondering if I'm losing interviews and/or offers because of my online presence, both at A School to Call Home and my other blogging/writing endeavors. Not sure if it is a plus or a minus.

California Teacher Guy: Honestly, Peter, I have heard so many horror stories about teachers being reprimanded (or worse) by administrators for blogging openly that I think it's the height of wisdom to maintain anonymity. I read probably three dozen teacher blogs a day, and only ONE of them (well, TWO, with yours) is not anonymous. You might, IMHO, want to rethink your blogging strategy, especially for A School to Call Home.
I'm interested in Mr. Guy's response as it touches on two important issues.

First, it assumes that I have, or need, a blogging strategy. This isn't just writing; this is automatic publishing to the world and available in nearly every home and office in America, if the residents of those homes and the workers in the offices decide they want to read what I've written.

I do have a strategy, mind you... more on that to follow.

The second issue is somewhat more problamatic, albeit just as important. What's the issue? The issue is the question of anonymity.

Actually, I think the first issue and the second issue are tied together. The question of being anonymous or not is a strategic question.

There is a third important issue which raises its ugly form in Mr. Guy's notes: Do I really want to work at a place where my blogging -- my comments and commentary on the world around me -- are going to be a problem?

The issue of anonymity has been a large one in the Virginia political blogosphere.

While I'm going to address some of these issues over the next several days, I'd be interested to hear some readers' thoughts. What are your thoughts?

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Carolanne said...

Some of my colleagues know that I blog and I do blog about some school things. I am careful in what I say and change the names if I'm referring to students.
For me, knowing that someone from my school could come across my blog (I am not anonymous) gives me a certain type of accountability and although it could seem restrictive, I turn it into a positive.
No matter what we write, where we write or who we write to, our words can be(and are sometimes) misinterpreted. I am honest in what I write about but often ask myself, what person X would think if they read this bit about themselves. Sure it limits me but there's nothing wrong with trying to see it from their perspective too.
I keep writing - but for me, it's not just about school things.
(And I'm referring to my coutsidethebox blogsite.)