Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Football? Nope, I can't help you there.

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I'd mentioned about the school that was looking for a football coach who could teach history. I didn't share the note I received from the head of school. It's worth sharing:
Thank you for your fascinating email. Your web site is also very interesting. I applaud your passion for teaching.

We are currently searching for a history faculty who can coach football.

Still, I will pass on your resume to our Dean of Studies and our Associate Head of School.

Good luck in your search.
Well, that was a nice & uplifting email, nonetheless.

I responded back with this:
Thanks for the note back. I'd seen one posting that listed both football and history, as well as another on the NAIS site that had just history. I was hoping you were looking for two history teachers. ;-)

Alas, football is not my strong suite. I could serve as an assistant, but it would likely be a season or two until I'm competent for more than taping ankles and making sure the ball bag makes it to practice. If that's what you seek for this fall, I'm your man... but I suspect you're looking for someone a bit more qualified.

Best of luck filling the position. I'm reminded of the school which, by this point in the year had filled all but one faculty position... and found themselves looking for a Latin teacher who could coach wrestling and track and advise the photography club.

If your needs change and you think I might be a fit, please get in touch with me.

I wish you a wonderful and rejuvenating summer.

Okay, the story about the school looking for a Latin teacher who could coach wrestling is apocryphal, but true nonetheless. Independent schools, particularly boarding schools, find themselves at the tail end of the season with odd needs, sometimes.

Now I just need to find the school that needs an English & history teacher who can coach lacrosse and direct theatre while serving as the director of admissions and the director of studies while living in the boys' dorm.

Okay, right: not all of those. And, frankly, it's not that odd.

But football? Nope; can't help there.

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