Sunday, June 24, 2007

So now what?

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June is almost spent-out. I'm anxious. If I'm going to be on an independent school campus this coming fall, I'd likely have an offer-in-hand already. I don't have an offer-in-hand.

And I am without understanding. I can teach. I'm bright. I'm personable. I'm educated. What's keeping me from landing something?

Am I not focused enough in terms of a specific job or discipline?

Am I too old to be getting back into the classroom?

Do I have too large a family?

Do school leaders think I'm going to be too expensive?

In desperation, I've written to the head of a school for counsel. I've never met the head I've written to, but I am a habitual reader of his blog, and I like his style. And I'm hoping that he'll give me some solid feedback.

Here's what I wrote:
Dear Malcom,

I am an avid RSS reader of your blog. Great stuff; I don't understand why every head doesn't blog.

Anyway, I'm wondering if you could do a huge favor. I am looking to return to an independent school faculty. This is my second go-round, and I have no offer. I was wondering if you might review my candidacy package and critique it. I'm thinking there's something that is submarining my candidacy; likely, there are several. But I can't see them, and need an outside, professional eye. Since your school is not hiring at the moment, I thought you could give it a no-holds-barred review.

I'll attach below my usual "broadcast letter." When I'm applying for an advertised job, I tweak it for the specific position. Overall, however, the bulk of the letter is the same.

Any thoughts, insight, or counsel you could provide would be most helpful.

If you don't have time, think this is bogus, or are just overtaken by events, I'll understand. I'm shooting blind here.


/s/ Peter
The broadcast letter was basically the same one I posted here many months ago.

Dear reader, what counsel can you provide?

Perhaps I need to start honing my rejection letter to reject rejection letters.


CMC said...


I have been reading your blog for awhile. I have worked at 3 independent boarding schools. I got all my jobs through Educational Resources Group or Carney Sandoe. I know many schools use those organizations to "filter" candidates. If you want more feedback- please e-mail me.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

One of the things I'm finding in my own search is that I may have to lower my expectations--in terms of salary, location, and even public vs. private school. Might you have to do the same? Could you teach in a public school for a year while you continue to pursue that seemingly elusive offer to come to an independent school? Personally, I find stopgap measures somewhat distasteful--but sometimes they are necessary.