Sunday, July 29, 2007

Perhaps it is time for me to move to Springfield

Came home from church today to find an interesting email waiting for me in the in-tray:
Sincerely hope your job hunt progressing. I came across your site researching schools for my son, and since you are so sharp and open and love teaching (as do I), I'm wondering if I might impose on you for the kind of straight answers about admissions and financial aid that are tough to come by.
Sharp. Open. And love teaching. We forgot to mention seemingly without an answer to my calling...

Yes I did respond, albeit I don't know enough about financial aid to have been much help in that department.

I find it very interesting who has found me on the web. We can do things today that were unthinkable fifteen years ago. What will things be like in another decade? I can't even imagine.

As to the status of my current search, no joy. The latest note I received from a head of school was short and to the point.
Peter, many complications to this hiring and I believe we have just concluded the search. Thank you for thinking of us....
Er. Ah. You're welcome.

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