Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Where we stand

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Holding. One. Two. Three.

Here we are, the day before the July 4th holiday. I'm in the office, still employed as a performance consultant, still called to a small boarding school, and still waiting.

I was gladdened to see that one of my recent visitors to my blog is from a school which is looking for an English teacher. The academic dean told me that he'd be narrowing the field this week to create a short-list for interviewing. While I haven't heard if I've made the cut, I'm pretty sure he visited yesterday.

And that is good news. Why? Well, frankly, there's been a dearth of school leaders from small boarding schools who are conducting active faculty searches actually stopping by A School to Call Home. And this lack of visits sort'a puts the question of anonymity vs. transparency fairly moot. If nobody visits, it really doesn't matter if the blog is open and transparent.

So, I sign off today, the day before this mid-week holiday, hopeful that by Thursday I'll get a call to come up for an interview.

In the mean time, perhaps I’ll take the boys to the beach tomorrow.

I wish you all a relaxing holiday tomorrow, and a chance to enjoy the freedoms and liberties so hard fought by Americans throughout the years.

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CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Holding patterns are most annoying. I know. I'm holding too. Best to both of us as we wait.