Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Internet is an amazing thing

Cathedral in the Forest
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I am amazed at what the Internet does and can do. I've met fantastic people using the tools of the Internet; I've had some great times with people I've met using the tools of the Internet; I've reconnected with friends and colleagues lost through time using the Internet. And today, as I'm discounting even the possibility of teaching this year and gearing up for a busy fall at work and completion of my dissertation, I receive an email with the subject line of "English Teacher."
Hi, I am the Director of Studies at St. Swithins School in Middle of Everywhere, New England. My wife found your blog while doing web searches for our school. Are you still looking for a position?
Okay, I've changed the name to my default St. Swithins, but even so, amazing. Even if nothing comes of this, I'll chalk even the possibility up to the power of the Internet.

And, as I'm still reading the NAIS job board, I guess I am "still looking."


Anonymous said...

My school is currently looking for a headmaster. Would you consider that type of job?

Peter A. Stinson said...

Yes. See above post.