Thursday, September 20, 2007

This is what I crave

The Almighty Punahou School
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Over at Throughlines, Bruce Schauble recently wrote
Once upon a time I thought that if I stayed at something long enough, it would eventually get easier. That has turned out to be true in some cases. I can, for example, after three years of practice, now play a C major scale on the piano with both hands without screwing it up too badly. I can throw together a salad in five minutes before dinner, without injuring myself, whereas once it was even money if I could get it done without breaking into the Band-Aid box.

But this is my 38th year of teaching, and I've gotta tell ya, whatever else it is, it isn't easier. The teaching part is always interesting and always challenging in a good way. It's the stuff that's going on around the edges just keeps getting more complex.
I want to work in a community of thoughtful people; I want to work with people who believe, like Mr. Schauble, that teaching is "always interesting and always challenging in a good way."

Perhaps as I expand my search to day schools, I'll add Mr. Schauble's Punahou School.

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