Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another "alternate" sport: Extreme Sledding

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Who'd have thought? Sledding. To the extreme.

We could have races, long and short courses.

And hang out by 55-gallon drums with fire inside; and drink hot chocolate.

And race. With clocks. The real deal.

We wouldn't call it "Extreme Sledding." No, a name like that could bring too much focus and attention. Just call it sledding and join the National Interscholastic Sled Racing Association, or NISRA, and show everyone pictures of snow sledding in Vermont.

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Peter A. Stinson said...

And, like sailing, we could have "one design" races, with everyone riding on a standard sled, such as, this masterpiece from Wham-O, the SnowBoogie Tech Flyer.

In the mean time, this is what I want for Christmas. Oh, and a job in New England or the Rockies where I could take up sledding...