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The competition

I know I ought not, but sometimes I look to see who a school has hired. I'm wondering who filled the role; what chopped liver pate am I? I likely ought not to do this, because in truth it doesn't matter and comparisons like this are evil... but I do it anyway.

A year ago, I looked to see who filled an English teaching job at a boarding school I'd thought I had a good interview with. They hired a young woman who had just finished a master's degree in the teaching of English from William & Mary.

Today, I looked to see who was filling the role of counselor at another school I'd had what I thought were good interviews. He holds a bachelor's and master's degrees from schools in southern Mississippi; he most recently served as a behavior specialist in a rural school district in Mississippi. And, he lists his athletic background as "wilderness activities, mountain climbing, rock climbing, body building, dirt bike racing." And I doubt he's a day over 30...

Oh, it's that time of the year again?

St Swithins
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Can we hope that the third time's a charm?

Robert Kennedy at About: Private Schools posted today:
You know the sinking feeling you had first week of school. Things have changed for the worse at St. Swithin's as far as you are concerned. You just aren't happy there any more. After five years it's time to move on. So, just how marketable are you anyway? Ponder this question as you read How Marketable Are You?

The window for finding a new job is a narrow one. It runs from Now through February 15 or thereabouts. If you are thinking about a move, you'd better get moving now!
I'm off and running, and clearly this is a marathon and not a sprint.